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    Plan of the Buildings and Grounds of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich.Ref: 0
    1847 now bound in protective green boards. Interesting historically!…details
    £95Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    Greenwich PalaceRef: 0
    A history of what is now the Royal Naval College and the National Maritime Museum from the earliest times to 1939….details
    £95Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    Les Souvenirs s de Copernic a l’Universite JagelloneRef: 0
    Descriptive booklet with illustrations….details
    £8Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    Collection Jubinal de saint AlbinRef: 0
    An important and rarely offered catalogue….details
    £75Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    Collection Leon LintonRef: 0
    Despite being a little worn, this remains an important catalogue detailing many horological books…details
    £12Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    Watchmaker and Jeweler’s Practical Receipt Book.Ref: 1659
    ABBOTT: H.G.
    A reliable compendium of valuable receipts and suggestions carefully selected from private formulae and the best authrities. 119pp. 34 ills. 6th edition revi…details
    £95Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    Plan of the Buildings and Grounds of The Royal Observatory, Greenwich, With Explanations and History.Ref: 1660
    AIRY: G.B.
    Extracted from the Introduction to the Greenwich Observations 1845. 8pp. plus folding plate. The whole is protected in a recent custom made slip cover to protec…details
    £275Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    Complete List of Horological Patents up to 1853Ref: 1511
    AKED: CK.
    An alphabetical compilation of all inventors taking out patents on horological inventions or with one or two minor exceptions having some horological content. …details
    £18Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    Johann Ludwig Eberhardt and His Salem Clocks.Ref: 1087
    Describes the life times ans work of Eberhardt (1758-1839) the master clockmaker in Salem for more than 38 years. Like other note horologists Johann was a bit o…details
    £25Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    Elgin Time: A History of the Elgin National Watch Company. 1864-1968.Ref: 2316
    ALFT: E.C. & BRISKA: W.H.
    Everything you need to know!…details
    £39Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    Old Stirling Clockmakers, including those in St. Ninians up to 1900.Ref: 132
    ALLAN: C.
    This splendid book was published privately for the author. 111pp. Rear endpapers have a map of Stirling. A number of black & white illustrations enhance the te…details
    £30Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    Carriage Clocks : Their History and DevelopmentRef: 2
    The magnum opus for any collector or dealer. Progenitors of carriage clocks; French carriage clocks; English carriage clocks and other carriage clocks. 484pp…details
    £140Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    The Quest for Longitude.Ref: 1141
    This magnificent book was produced as a result of the Longitude Symposium held in 1993 at Harvard University. The contributorswere: J.R.Knowles; A.Cooke; B. …details
    £50Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    Huygens The Man Behing The Principle.Ref: 2408
    The story of the great 17th century Dutch mathematician and physicist Christan Huygens (1629-1695). 440pp. inc. a most comprehensive index. 8 plates. The first …details
    £75Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    Your TimeRef: 1859
    Antiquarian Horological Society.
    Including the Contribution of Northwest England to the Development of Clocks and Watches. Exhibitions by the Northern Section of the A.H.S. at Prescot Museums a…details
    £25Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    Collectors’ Pieces Clocks and Watches.Ref: 209
    Antiquarian Horological Society.
    Tenth Anniversary Exhibition Science Museum 29th May-9th August 1964. Ahead of it’s time this was a remarkable selection of clocks mainly loaned by memb…details
    £15Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    Pioneers of Precision Timekeeping.Ref: 1868 ANTIQUARIAN HOROLOGICAL SOCIETY. A Symposium Monograph No. 3. John Harrison’s Last Timekeeper of 1770 by R.Good. The First Lever Watch made by Thomas Mudge by R.Good. Did Julien Le Roy ma…details £30Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    Turret Clock Services.Ref: 1336
    A list od specialist repairers of church and public clocks and their services. Arranged by counties. Useful 11 page booklet….details
    £6Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers. Catalogue du Musee Section JB.Ref: 1335
    The 330 page paperback catalogue was issued to celebrate the reopening of the museum following the second World War. 99 items are illustrated. A record of an e…details
    £90Telephone +44(0)17683 41991

    Conferences Prononcees Au Musee du Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers.Ref: 1334 ARTS ET METIERS A l’Exposition Les Chefs-D’Oeuvre de L’Horlogerie. Edition de la Revue Francaise des Bijoutiers-Horlogers. Numbers 1-350 numbered. The example…details £225Telephone +44(0)17683 41991