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REID & SONS, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE. This, most famous of the North of England Jewellers, Silversmiths and Goldsmiths,  opened in 1778 and became "and sons" in 1834.  This 8 day giant wall timepiece is circa 1890-1900.  It has a fusee movement with stop work ( prevents over winding) and tapered plates.  It is of the highest quality throughout.  The dial, with black Roman numerals is 17" in diameter and overall measurement is 22".  Asymetrical steel hands display the hours and minutes.  Slow/fast is adjusted by a nut on the pendulum via a locked lower door.  The turned brass bezel, with silvered sight ring is locked at 6 o'clock and top hung. Restored- and guaranteed- of course.

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